Schlafhorst / Savio / Muratech Autoconers

Our advance engineering centre is equipped with technologically advanced equipment and machinery, enabling the execution of each manufacturing process with exact precision quality with CNC Turning centre, CNC HMC , CNC Vertical Millers ,CNC Milling machines ,CNC Drilling machines ,3rd Axis CNC Turning centre ,Conventional Milling machines ,Conventional Heavy duty Lathes , Conventional Drilling machines.

With facilities of inspection equipment we equipped with CMM , Profile projectors,Dimensional Air plug gauges ,Digital and Dial bore gauges. ,All dimensional measuring device (Digital Vernier Calipers, Height Gauges, Micrometers) .

We have Sheetmetal job facilities wide range of capabilities to serve your needs. Also with metal fabricators working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, alloys, brass and more variety of metals .

We also provice following facilities are outsourcing to our reliable clients. Heat /tempering Treatment Processes Toughening ,Normalizing ,Case Carbonizing & Hardening ,Induction Hardening ,Carbonitriding ,Tempering ,Sealed Quenching ,LCN Process.